January 24, 2019

Healthy ways to let go of an ex

Accept whatever you feel

You are bound to experience withdrawal symptoms similar to drugs when letting go of an ex. Your mind and body will be rushing with a mixed pool of emotions as the person you saw your life or future with has come to an abrupt end. Whatever you feel, do not try to ignore or suppress it, instead just acknowledge it. But do not tend to be too hard on yourself and instead exert compassion and kindness towards yourself.

Standing alone

Do not isolate yourself

When you feel alone and in the sense of despair, do not try to fight the battle yourself and separate yourself. Instead, approach your circle of friends and family and talk to them as it is bound to make you feel better.

Make a schedule of intended activities you want to accomplish

Formulate an agenda in your journal of all the activities you want to do which you couldn’t do with your ex or merely try out new activities with your friends. When you feel alone, approaching your friends is one of the best methods to let go of the pain and forget the past.

Get rid of anything and everything that reminds you of the relationship

Whatever card, gift and other souvenirs you have from the relationship are to be dumped in the trash as you do not want anything reminding you of that individual or relationship.

Breakaway from each other immediately post-breakup

It is mandatory to retain some time for yourself and get yourself back together stronger than ever. For this, it is crucial to maintaining distance. This means absolutely no seeing each other, calling, texting, WhatsApp, etc.

Stay away from places and music that remind you of him or her

Staying away from your typical go to places and listening to your special music is vital for aiding the healing process until it eventually makes you cringe.

Maintain a journal

Writing down everything that as wrong about the relationship and the individual can help you convince yourself that you are better off without them and aid in the recovery process.

View the breakup from a different perspective as a shot for a new beginning

Build a better version of yourself overall by letting go of the old you. Remember that it is when you let go of things you make room for new things to come into your life. So remember that it isn’t the end and it isn’t worth holding on, let go and wait as the best is yet to come.

Focus on the present

Do not get lost in thoughts about your previous relationship and your ex because quite frankly, it isn’t worth it. Instead, strap back into reality and ground yourself until you realize that the past is no more and only the present thrives.

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