March 19, 2020

Keys to a Longer, Happier, and Healthier Life

Each year, men’s life expectancy becomes shorter and less meaningful. In fact, most of the recorded deaths are often topped by either road-related accidents or acquired health problems at an early age, each year.

Amid global health issues, climate change, and personal problems, everyone deserves to have a longer, happier, and healthier life – even you.

Here are the top keys to a longer, happier, and healthier life:

#1: Eat healthily

“You are what you eat” – a simple notion with significant meaning. If you eat good and healthy food, you are healthy both inside and out; however, if you eat bad and unhealthy food, you will look unhealthy too.

If you want to spend more years with your loved ones, you have to eat healthily; this includes eating the right food according to RENI or Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake. Eat your vegetables and consider including superfoods in your current diet (avocados, beans, berries, broccoli, dark chocolate, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds, oranges, quinoa, spinach and kale, sweet potatoes, and more).

Most importantly, avoid overeating. Remember, “Too much of something is bad for the body”

#2: Drink plenty of water

Adequate hydration is essential to stay healthy, as it is recommended to drink 8 ounces of water, which is about 2 L per day. Drinking water is important to health because of these reasons:

  • It helps boost energy, as it delivers the nutrients to all of the cells in the body.
  • It aids in better digestion.
  • It helps detoxify your body.
  • It helps optimize the function of the kidney.
  • It hydrates the skin.
  • It helps you feel full, which is an advantage when you are trying to lose weight.

#3: Be active

Did you know that a 15-minute exercise each day can help extend your life up to 3 years? This is because, physical activities, such as workout, doing athletic physical tasks, yoga, and some simple exercises can boost the circulation of blood in the body, which is essential for delivering oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Also, physical tasks like running, stretching, and more can help drain-out toxins from the body through sweat. So, lend yourself a time to do some physical exercises each day; it doesn’t have to be a full-body intense workout, as long as, you are doing your exercises right.

#4: Stay Positive

Staying positive may be hard these times; however, you have the right to become healthy and happy. So, here are some smart habits that will keep you positive:

  • Look for a positive viewpoint even during negative situations.
  • Build and live in a positive environment. If the people around you are toxic, it is either you leave them or become their positive and happy pill; sooner or later, they’ll be like you.
  • Decide carefully.
  • Learn how to say “No” and know when to “Stop”.
  • Take time to breathe; always create a “Me Time”.
  • Don’t let your fears hold you back.
  • Tell your problems to people whom you can trust.
  • Learn how to accept criticism; remember that there are no perfect things in this world.
  • Learn how to appreciate even the smallest things.

Lastly, the key to a longer, happier, and healthier life is to accept who you are but thrive on what you can do more.

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