March 28, 2019

Maid of Honor Duties Before and During the Wedding

When choosing the maid or matron of honor, you should make sure she is someone you can depend upon not only with the tangible aspects of the wedding but also emotionally. This is because she will play a huge role in the wedding. She can be your best friend, closest female friend, or family member (a cousin, aunt, or sister). Some brides even ask their mothers to be their matron of honor.

There are several duties that the maid of honor is tasked to handle apart from raising the toast. Being the maid of honor, she is expected to fulfill certain expectations that would help in the success of your wedding. The responsibilities of the maid of honor start during the planning stages of the wedding ceremony. Here is a chronological order of the duties and responsibilities of the maid of honor:

  • Going with the bride to as many prenuptial events as possible
  • Helping with the wedding invitations
  • Organizing the bridal shower and the bachelorette party
  • Helping the bridesmaids plan for their bridesmaid dresses
  • Shopping with the bride for her wedding dress
  • Ensuring that the whole entourage is ready to perform their roles
  • Managing the gifts for the bride by the bridesmaids
  • Preparing games and buying giveaways
  • Purchasing the best gift for the newly-wed couple
  • Co-hosting the bridal shower

A side note on the bridal shower and bachelorette party: these are two very different events. Never confuse one for the other. A bridal shower is more formal, sort of like your engagement party, where your mother and your husband-to-be’s mother, sister/s, close friends, and other relatives come to shower you with encouraging words of wisdom. A bachelorette party, on the other hand, is more laidback; an event where you can let loose and not worry about the wedding (at least while the party is on-going).

Ask your maid of honor to choose two different sets of giveaways for the two parties, making sure to stick with the traditional for the bridal shower and the kinky stuff for the bachelorette party. Simpli Pleasure sells all kinds men’s products, as well as sex toys for both men and women, and you can give these away during the bachelorette party. Pretty sure your girlfriends will have a blast inspecting the kinky giveaways they’ll receive.

You’ll be very dependent on your maid of honor before, during, and after the wedding. Which is why it’s important to let her know your preferences, and even those of your groom-to-be; so that she doesn’t miss or leave anything out. She will need to perform these duties before and during the wedding:

  • Hosting the rehearsal dinner
  • Helping the bride to get dressed and prepped up for the wedding day
  • Memorizing and preparing the lines of her speech
  • Actively take part in the processional and recessional ceremonies
  • Taking care of the ring that the bride will make the groom wear
  • Holding the gifts and bouquets that the bride receives during the ceremonies
  • Checking and adjusting the bride’s gown and make up time and again so as to make sure the bride looks perfect all throughout the wedding

The duties and responsibilities mentioned above may scare off a potential maid of honor. However, she should feel honored simply because the bride entrusted her to be the one who takes care of such things and the one close to her who will help her achieve a perfect wedding day. This is something that any woman or girl should feel proud of and never back down from.

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